"I don't smoke or drink, I still got breast cancer" what's the point of another al

Recent updates from the AICR (American Institute for Cancer Research) suggest that even one drinking one drink a day can increase your risk of developing breast cancer compared to a woman who doesn't drink alcohol at all. The more you drink , the higher your chances of developing breast cancer. A lot of women struggle putting these studies in context. "Are you saying if I won't drink, I won't get breast cancer?" or "She didn't drink- why then did she develop breast cancer?" are common questions. Here's the truth: "We can't prevent all cancers".We can control a few factors that may decrease our 'risk' of developing cancer. From a whole population standpoint, if all women took these appropria

Preparing for Breast Cancer Surgery

The days of wait between biopsy to surgery can be frustrating. Use this time to prepare yourself for the surgery. If you have been on chemotherapy before surgery, use the days after your last chemo to recharge yourself for the next step. Taking Care Of Your Body Diet: Avoid going on a new fad diet just because you have been diagnosed with cancer. There are no particular food restrictions prior to surgery. Maintain a good intake of protein- Milk, egg, meat and pulses are good sources of protein. Have a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables. In the days immediately before surgery, avoid eating out and catching an infection. Diabetics should follow a diabetic diet and maintain good contro

Breast Cysts and Fibroadenomas- Here's the real danger

A breast cyst or a fibroadenoma are both very common and innocuous conditions of the breast. A woman may feel one of these as a lump, or it may be something that shows up on a breast ultrasound done for a different reason. A simple cyst or a fibroadenoma does not transform to breast cancer. Nevertheless they're common enough to be dangerous and here's why. 1) They forgive negligent behavior and breed it As cysts and fibroadenomas are more common than cancer, it is likely that most undiagnosed or neglected breast problems amongst women are benign. For this reason, say 80% or more women who neglect seeking attention for a breast lump, are lucky enough to get away with it, based on statistica

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