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A patient diagnosed with cancer in India has easy access to multiple opinions. There is often more than one approach to treating the same cancer, even in extensively researched modern-day oncology. Add to this the plethora of alternative medicine practitioners and non-...

Recent updates from the AICR (American Institute for Cancer Research) suggest that even one drinking one drink a day can increase your risk of developing breast cancer compared to a woman who doesn't drink alcohol at all. The more you drink , the higher your chances of...

A breast cyst or a fibroadenoma are both very common and innocuous conditions of the breast. A woman may feel one of these as a  lump, or it may be something that shows up on a breast ultrasound done for a different reason. A simple cyst o...

​Genetic Testing for breast cancer in India was heretofore limited the high cost of patented tests, need to ship samples overseas and social stigma towards genetic disease. Recent emergence of new technology such as next generation sequencing and local presence of gene...

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