Breast Health & Cancer FAQs

How do I book a party?

You can book at party in multiple ways! You can call (504) 264-5202, and speak to Mandy or leave a message, and she will call you back. You can email Mandy at Or you can fill out the party reservation request form located below. If you would like to come in and speak to Mandy about a party, please note we only do so by appointment only. Please use one of the methods just mentioned, to schedule an appointment. You are REQUIRED to sign our building use agreement BEFORE your party will be confirmed.

Do I get set-up/decoration time? If so, how much?

Yes! You get 30 mintues of set-up time included in your party package. If additional time is needed for set-up, it is determined on availability, and will incur an extra cost. Please ask Mandy if extra set-up time is available.

How many tables are included in the Praline (food and cake) room?

There are five (5) 8-foot tables included. Additional tables available upon request. There are 24 chairs in the Praline Room.

How long do I get in the Krewe-De-Bounce (Bounce House) room?

You get two (2) hours in our bounce room, and the only time guests must exit is when we break for cake cutting, which typically takes 15 minutes.

If I got the Enhanced Package, what time will my pizza arrive?

The pizza arrives 15 mintues after the party start time, and currently order our pizzas from Dominos (Subject to Change).

Can I hang decorations?

There are designated decoration boards in the Praline room specifically for hanging decorations. We DO NOT allow any decorations to be taped or hung from walls or sprinkler systems. Please speak to Mandy or your host if you have questions about the designated areas for decorations.

I want to bring ice cream for my party. Do you have storage for ice cream?

Yes! We have a small freezer for ice cream. Please give your ice cream to your host upon your arrival.

Do you allow alcohol at bounce parties?

No, unfortunately we do not. Any bounce party guests that bring or consume alcohol before, during, or after a bounce party, will be asked to leave immediately.

My package comes with a child limit. What happens if I go over that limit?

Each child that is present at your party, over your guest limit, will incur an extra $10 per child. The host will keep a running count of the guests, and let you know when you are over your limit. We will need to collect payment for overages at the time of your party. We do not count children under two years of age or adults towards your limit.

Do you require socks?

Yes! It is for your safety, your child's safety, and our other guests for cleanliness that we require socks be worn in our facility, and our bounce room. It is your responsibility to inform your guests of this rule, and require them to bring socks. If you or your guests forget your socks, no worries! We have socks for sale at the front desk, for $2 each. Please ask your host for details.

Can I add extra bounce/party time to my party?

Yes. Adding extra time is based on availability, and will incur an extra cost. Please speak to Mandy about adding extra time to your party, if available.

Do you provide ice?

No, we do not. However, we do have an ice machine in our parking lot, which has ice available for purchase (cash only).

When is the balance payment for my party due?

Your entire balance is due seven (7) days before your party date.

I booked my party, but need to cancel, now what?

The initial deposit of $100 is non-refundable, but can be used towards another party or event at The Gathering, one (1) year from the date of cancellation. The rest of your payment, can be refunded in multiple ways.

Do I need to clean-up after my party is over?

No! We take care of the clean-up for you! After you remove all your belongings from the Praline room, we will clean-up!

Can I bring a pinata?

The only type of pinata we allow are the pull-string pinatas.

If I don't book the Enhanced Package, can I bring my own food and drinks?

Yes! You can bring food and drinks. We do not allow glass bottles of any kind.

What are the additional charges I could be charged for?

Additional bouncers over the package limit - $10 per child Additional party/bounce time - $100 per hour Paper Products or 2-liter of soda - $2 per item Damange to the facility - $200 automatic fee Tape on the wall or anywhere outside of designated dectorating areas - $50 repainting fee